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Oh, that's just too typical!
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Below are the 1 most recent journal entries recorded in Atypical Females' LiveJournal:

Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
10:53 pm
Ways I am atypically female:

1) I sing tenor in my choir
2) I curse like a sailor
3) I love to grill
4) I love robots
5) I love pinball
6) I unconsciously make "rock out" devil horns with my fingers for emphasis when I'm really excited about something
7) I love classic cars.
8) I hate flip flops with every molecule of my being.
9) I love reading Popular Science, Wired and Make magazines
10) I don't read novels or other books really.
11) I have all of "Star Wars: A New Hope" memorized
12) I have no desire whatsoever to have children

Ways I am typically female:

1) I love make up (though very natural makeup)
2) I love getting dressed up, though I rarely do it
3) I love underwear
4) I can spend 987297 years looking through catalogs
5) I love reading Glamour
6) I have a lumpy butt
7) I wish my boobs were perkier
8) I love Bonne Bell 99-cent lip gloss
9) I love to be picked up and swung around
10) I want someone to really romance me
11) I want to believe in love
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